About Us

  • Our Mission:

    Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to building men of principle for a principled life. Our brotherhood aids the individual, builds the Fraternity and strengthens the host academic institution through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship.

    • Lifelong Friendship

    • Cultivation of the Intellect 

    • Responsible Leadership

    • Responsible Social Conduct 

    • Commitment to Community

  • At - A - Glance:

    Founded: August 8, 1839
    Alpha Chapter: Miami University, Ohio
    Initiated Betas: 183,769
    Living Betas: 125,946
    Chapters: 135 in the U.S. & Canada
    Avg. Size 76 (Spring 2018)
    Avg. GPA 3.242 (Spring 2018)
  • Our Vision:

    Beta Theta Pi will be the exemplary standard for collegiate fraternal societies. Through implementation of Men of Principle,Beta will have successfully implemented policies and programs to achieve these objectives:

    • Betas will be universally known as friends, gentlemen and scholars.

    • Beta Theta Pi will be acclaimed and respected by the academic community.

    • Beta Theta Pi will be endorsed by parents who will advocate membership for young men.

    • Betas will be in high demand by leaders as future leaders in business, government or any given profession.

    • Beta Theta Pi will engender bonds of friendship and brotherhood which create a lifelong commitment to serve and support the Fraternity.