Beyond Beta

  • Betas are everywhere:


    They're in basically every student group, club, and organization around campus.  They play on NCAA Division 1 sports teams, and volunteer around campus in the greater Williamsburg area.  After their time at the College alums of Zeta Upsilon go to work at major companies all over the country.  More famous Betas have started Fortune 500 companies, served in the United States Senate and starred in your favorite movies.

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  • After College:

    • Price Waterhouse and Coopers
    • Booz Allen Hamilton
    • FDIC
    • Law School
    • Graduate School 
    • Internship opportunities
  • On Campus Activities:

    • ROTC
    • Tour Guides
    • President’s Aide
    • Mason Investment Club

    Junior Analysts

    Senior Analysts

    Club President

    • Howard J. Busbee Finance Academy


    Vice Presidents

    • Undergraduate Council
    • Undergraduate Honor Council
    • Student Assembly Executive
    • NCAA Athletes

    W&M Football Team
    W&M Golf Team

    • Monroe Scholars
    • Sharpe Scholars
    • CFA Exec
    • Intramural Sports
    • Club Sports

    W&M Baseball Club

    W&M Rowing Club

    W&M Croquet Club

    • Teaching Assistants
    • Tour Guides
    • Oriation Aides
    • Residence Assistants
    • AMP Music