• College Level 


    2012: Excellence in Risk Management(Jo Katchinoff), Excellence in Scholarship (Daniel Barzach), Outstanding Emerging Leader(Stephen Bennett), Outstanding Greek Man(Jason Gangwer), and Outstanding Presenter (Pete Garrambone)


    2010: Most Outstanding New Member (Hobbs Crockett), Excellence in Member Recruitment, Individual Order of Omega Most Outstanding Contribution to Chapter and Community (Brian Focarino) 


    2009:  Outstanding Greek Scholars (Ryan Forster), Highest GPA, Excellence in Member Education 


    2008:  Outstanding Greek Scholars (Chris Chaulk), Most Outstanding Advisors, Highest GPA, Excellence in Scholarship, Most Outstanding Fraternity


    2007:  Outstanding Greek Scholars (Judd Kennedy), Excellence in Scholarship


    2006:  Most Outstanding New Member (Judd Kennedy), Excellence in Member Education, Excellence in Member Recruitment 


    2005:  Most Outstanding New Member (Anthony Feghali), Most Outstanding Greek Man (Jason Franasiak), Most Outstanding Fraternity


    2004:  Excellence in Scholarship, Excellence in Web Design


    2003: Outstanding Greek Man (Dan Hodapp), Most Outstanding Advisor (Bill Phillips), Highest Cum. Chapter GPA, Excellence in Scholarship, Standards of Excellence: Chapter Achievement

  • General Fraternity Level



    Famous Betas:


             Cast of Super Troopers


             Mike Schmidt- Major League Baseball


             Sam Walton - Founder of Wal-Mart


             William Bowermann - Co-Founder of Nike


             John Wooden - UCLA Basketball Coach


             Robert Reed - Actor (Mike Brady)


             Adam West - Actor (Batman)


             Ben Stiller - Actor 


             Thom Brennaman- Sports Broadcaster


             Geoffrey S. Mason- Executive Produdcer, ESPN


             CEO of Nordstrom


             CEO of Siemens


             CEO of Ford


             CEO of IBM