Zeta Upsilon

  • The Phoenix is not only the Great Seal of our beloved College, but also the symbol of our chapter.  The history of the Zeta Upsilon chapter is one of perseverance and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Beta originally came to the College in 1875, but after only a year closed its doors.  Again, in 2001, Beta re-established itself, emerging from the ashes of the original Alpha Tau Chapter.  During this time the chapter resided in Unit B of fraternity row.  Only two years later, the brothers endured an arduous re-organization that literally tore the chapter and many relationships asunder.  


    In 2003, each brother was interviewed and his motivations for joining the Fraternity and his intentions for his continued membership were questioned. Nearly half of the brotherhood was moved to early alumni status after their motivations and intentions were deemed to be inadequate.


    Since then, our brotherhood has grown rapidly becoming one of the largest and most well known fraternities on campus.  In Fall of 2006 the Zeta Upsilon chapter once again sought out a chapter house in accordance to the College's Special Interest housing policies and took up residence in Unit M.